On the wagon…

Day 7

No wine, vodka, whiskey-none of my favorite things.  I’ve done it before, I wrote about it, but this time seems harder for whatever reason.  I decided to take another break for a yet to be decided length of time-but I’ll manage.

For the first couple of days I had liquor on the brain and questioned my motives endlessly.  Why am I torturing myself?  Is it even worth it?  I didn’t lose any weight last time, what makes it seem that things will be different? 

I persisted through those really hard days and here I am on day 7 and feeling better about it.  I figured I may as well share some of what I experienced through the process so far…

  • Sweating-during sleep I’d go through phases of being comfortable and then covered in sweat.  It wasn’t horrible but not the most pleasant.
  • Irritability-I was cranky, I wanted a few glasses of wine to unwind and knew that wasn’t an option so…bark bark bark.
  • Bloating-even more bloated than when I consumed a bottle of wine.
  • Lethargy-I have no energy, feel a little down,  and somehow feel the need to watch Grey’s Anatomy from the very beginning.
  • Breakouts-my face is starting to look like that of a teenager.  I know it’s temporary but I’m definitely not happy about it.
  • Sugar cravings-I realize now that the alcohol I was consuming was feeding that craving and now, in the absence of alcohol, I need ALL the carbs.  Oatmeal Creme Pies, Nutty Buddy’s, chocolate covered blueberries, breads…Gimme!!

Honestly, I’ll be even happier when I lose the bloat and sugar cravings.  I’ve already gained a few pounds from the shitty sugar foods I’ve been eating in just one week.

I hope I still feel it’s worth it next week!

2 thoughts on “On the wagon…

  1. Hidy Ho, Ms. Courtney! Good for you, says me. I started trying again on February 1, and the sugar cravings finally are gone. Even better, so are ten pounds. It’s not enough to make a huge different in the way clothes fit, and so on, but I’m confident now that by April 1 I can get rid of another five pounds.

    It’s the strangest danged thing. As soon as I stopped with the sweets and the carbs, things started happening. It was really slow in the beginning, but a little faster, now.

    Of course, it didn’t hurt that my beloved cat died recently. That really put me off my feed, and another couple of pounds disappeared. I’d rather have kitty back, but she was 18 years old — and I don’t mind the lost weight.

    Carry on!

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    • I’m so sorry to hear about your cat! What a long and cherished life I’m sure she led.

      I’ve finally lost about five pounds as of today and it has gotten much easier. I thought for sure I had destroyed my metabolism because nothing would budge but I’m 99% sure that if I want to lose weight, I can have zero alcohol. So here it is, three weeks of no drinking and aside from feeling tired all of the time, I’m looking healthier. My face isn’t puffy, which is a huge improvement.

      Congratulations on your weight loss, you’re an inspiration!

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