My Rocky Bottom

The oldest boy texted his dad informing him of his latest arrest.  Apparently,  he tried running from them, well, biking from them.  He didn’t get far before he was tackled, body slammed, and face planted into the asphalt.  He said his fingers got pretty messed up and somehow his leg had incurred an injury which he says was a cut to the bone.  They took him to the hospital where he received a cat scan which revealed a concussion and they wouldn’t stitch his leg wound.  And now I ask, How far down is rock bottom?

California has had its teeth pulled regarding drugs.  An individual can walk up and down the street carrying meth, a pipe, various other drugs and their paraphernalia with nothing more than an officer checking for felonies and then being transported to the jail overnight and released the following day.  It’s nothing.  It doesn’t count.  The state voted to reduce drug charges to misdemeanors so now they are nothing more than the equivalent of a traffic citation, only there don’t seem to be any fines.  How would they pay them, anyway?  California would rather make up the difference on me for not having my dog licensed on time.  $300 for failing to register your dog vs. getting a talking to by police for carrying meth.  Make sense?

These kids need help.  No, I don’t want to see them in jail, but I’d wager that most of them are dealing with psychiatric issues that need to be dealt with and I’d think the state could come up with a few rehab facilities that are set up like jails only not actually jails.  Keep them confined but get them clean and feed them.  But our governor would rather waste billions on a stupid bullet train that will never get built.  It’s hard to feel hopeful for the future when you see these young people with no options who will continue to spiral down until their crimes turn violent and they end up in prison or dead.  I’m no bleeding heart, but damn, there has to be something.

This has been my morning-well, in actuality, the past five years of my life.  Worrying about my oldest son who seems hell-bent on self-destruction with no way to get him on the right track.  He’s brought the criminals around who have inhabited the garage next door.  Saturday I discovered a blanket thrown over the outside security light and a blanket on the grass covering a block of cement that I’m sure someone was going to use to break the back door.  I called the police about it and they sent a giggly woman who spent a grand total of two minutes checking it out.  She happily returned to flirting with her partner before they drove off.

I didn’t realize that the rock bottom being referred to was my own.

6 thoughts on “My Rocky Bottom

  1. Have you thought about a restraining order? If you own the garage next door, no problem (I wouldn’t think). If you don’t, I’m not sure it could be included in an order. I’d think yes, but again, I’m no lawyer and, as you say, California is California. If someone else owns it, would they be open to protecting their property by including it?

    Why would they not stitch up his leg? Have you seen the wound? There surely is some explanation for that. Perhaps it wasn’t as bad as described.

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    • I did have a temporary restraining order-It’s my understanding that the police have informed him he is not allowed on the property. Unfortunately, other people in the neighborhood are aware that it was a drug den and still try to come around. I did look in the garage yesterday and it seemed untouched though there was a cigarette smell in the air. I just don’t know if it was fresh.
      The police have told me that trespassing has also been relegated to misdemeanor status so it is also only a citation. It makes it increasingly difficult to get the property secured. They suggested a new fence, haha.
      I haven’t seen my son to see the wound and I do know that the local hospital doesn’t have much empathy for the addicts that are brought in. I’d like to gain more information but it’s always hit or miss with him as far as texting goes because he needs to be in an area with free wifi. I hope it’s not as bad as he describes.


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