I broke my liver

After drinking every day for the past, say, ten years, aside from the occasional hangover recovery day, I haven’t been able to bounce back.  I haven’t had any alcohol for nearly 30 days and I assumed the weight would melt off of me in puddles.  No such luck, sadly.

I allowed myself nearly two weeks to eat ice cream and other fatty, sugary foods in an effort to be a little kind to my system during its detox.  Obviously there’s no medical necessity for this but my brain needed a break.  Cue expansion of butt.

I’ve tried quite a few different diets over the years but I seem to be happiest on a low carb, Atkins style diet.  That doesn’t mean I actually lose much, but I love bacon and can have it eating low carb.  I’m not sure I’ve actually done this diet and gone longer than one week with no alcohol.  Why?  I’m all about instant gratification and if I gave up something I loved, wine, I expected to see some results.  Fast.  Since I didn’t lose while not drinking, I’d decide Why suffer? If I’m not going to lose anyway, might as well enjoy some wine.  And the cycle continued of dieting, drinking, and not losing.

I’m going to try my hand at patience-it’s certainly not one of my strong suits, but I don’t have much choice.  I’m not happy with how I look so I need to do something about it.  Only I can fix Me, right?

So here we are, adjustment time.  No sweets, no breads or pastas, no liquor…No fun.  I’m kidding, I’m not feeling as though I’m missing out on anything, really.   I know I can do this, it’s the waiting that kills me.

My scale has been broken for about a year-it seems to be stuck at the same weight without budging.  Well, until this morning, that is.  It was about five pounds less than it has been shouting at me for months.  Thank the Lord!

Here are some low carb foods I enjoy eating:

  • Eggs
  • Beef
  • Butter
  • Half and half
  • Avocados
  • Nuts

All of these full flavored and full of fat foods are acceptable on this diet and if I feel hungry, I go back for more.  It’s pretty simple. If I were to try a complicated diet, I’d never stick with it.

Do I see myself ever being 120 pounds again?  Only in my dreams where I have a fantastic super charged metabolism and waif like figure-a time in my life where I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted and only needed to sneeze to lose five pounds.  Life was good!  But I was also only 19 and I wouldn’t go back there for anything.

We’ll see how it goes and all I have to lose is, oh…30 pounds…!

The kids wanted me to make a stir fry for dinner and while theirs had hoisin sauce in it-which contains sugar,  I made a separate batch that used only soy sauce.  It’s fairly easy to make modifications in order for us to all eat the same meal.  We can all be happy!

11 thoughts on “I broke my liver

  1. Well, I’m trying to take off twenty, so we’ll work on it together. Remember that muscle is 80% water, so if you want to transform fat into muscle, drinking plenty of water is important. I know I don’t drink enough, but I’m working on it. Also, muscle weighs more than fat, so if you begin toning your muscle, you may not lose that much at first. I’m just a font of knowledge, aren’t I? Now, if I can just put it all into practice, too, it will be all good!

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