A midday hike to clear my head

I’m getting increasingly stressed about the idea of my husband switching jobs-the company he is currently with is making certain changes which are not conducive to a good working environment and so he is looking at his options.  This means we will no longer have the same insurance and we’ll most likely take a financial hit.  He’s in the trucking industry and is away for long stretches of time.  While he’s been away, two of the kids have moved out, the other three are rapidly moving closer to adulthood, and his own health has declined.  I’d love to see him find employment that has him home in the evenings or at the very least, the weekends.  We all miss him and want him to be healthy and happy.

In order for him to possibly have a local job, he would most likely be forced to take a serious pay cut which would mean we would have to pick up the slack somewhere…this means me.  Somehow, I need to make some money.  I haven’t worked since 2010 when I was a home health aide.  Before that, I taught for a year at a private school, was a substitute teacher, and was in college completing my degree in English.  Honestly, I have no clue what I would even be good at, let alone where to begin my search.  I would absolutely love to work from home but is there even such a thing anymore?  I know people somehow manage to earn money off of their blogging and various other social media ventures but I’m completely out of my element in that area.  How exactly does one do that?

So here I am-what does an unemployed 42 year old mother of five kids do when faced with the challenge of finding supplemental income?

I grabbed my daughter and we went for a hike yesterday.  I needed to get some nature in my lungs, be off of my bed, outside of my house, away from the noise in my head.  I needed some pine trees, wildflowers, and bugs crawling in my socks-some sweat, slippery dirt, and climbing.  I also realized quickly just how out of shape I’d gotten.


About halfway up, I realized I had worn the wrong shoes.  Converse sneakers do not have the tread needed to navigate through the slippery surfaces and I easily envisioned myself landing with my feet over my head and having to be helicoptered out of there. We’d be easy to find between my heavy breathing and Hannah’s lime green socks.

We spotted several lizards that seemed to be trying to race us down the hill and only encountered a handful of people, which was very nice.  There was quite a collection of poops along the trail and I’m sure at least one was from the mountain lion the sign at the gate warned us about.

The sun felt good on my bare arms and the breeze helped relax me somewhat.  Bonding with my girl was a great escape-exactly what I needed.  She’ll be twelve in August and I relish the time we spend together while I’m still in her good favor;  before I turn into the woman that no longer knows anything.

As for extra money and me gaining employment, who knows, I don’t know what I’m qualified to do other than possibly work at Taco Bell.  What does a B.A. in English get you nowadays other than snickers and giggles from engineers?

3 thoughts on “A midday hike to clear my head

  1. I remember when I was young and skinny and in shape. I think I need to recommit to getting a little skinnier and more in shape. Younger isn’t possible

    The kinds of transitions you write about can be scary. On the other hand, it is true that some great opportunities can arise when we go off autopilot and start re-deciding how things are going to be. As far as your employment goes, so much depends on where you are. The only bit of advice I feel comfortable offering is to forget making money off your blog or social sites. It can be done, but there’s usually a long lead time before any profit arrives, and it can suck you dry. It can be made to work, but it’s usually a kid or a celebrity who manages it.

    One problem is that the traditional, transitional retail job is getting almost impossible to find. Amazon’s taken care of that, as more and more stores go out of business. With your background and teaching experience, what about tutoring? There are people around here who do individual tutoring or work with groups. Working with kids who are having trouble with their reading, grammar, etc., might be a possibility.

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    • Why wasn’t I born a Kardashian? All joking aside, I can probably find something around here, it just won’t be a huge contribution, unfortunately. The anxiety set in quickly when I think about not being home during the day and possibly (probably) missing ballet activities. I like the non traditional jobs so maybe I’ll get lucky in that area.

      Skinny is on my mind lately. You’d think after no longer consuming countless empty calories I’d lose some weight. Not ONE pound, I tell you. I’m going to have to do some posts on my diet. I think I’m a freak of nature.

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